Social Computing & Health Informatics Lab

The goal of the Social Computing & Health Informatics (SCHI) Lab is to advance analytics and tools for collaborative intelligence in healthcare and biomedical research through novel social computing, machine learning, and data visualization methods. The SCHI Lab is directed by Dr. Amar Das.

Example publications: 

Kurian, A.W., Mitani, A., Desai, M., Yu, P.P., Seto, T., Weber, S.C., Olson, C., Kenkare, P., Scarlett L. Gomez , S.L., de Bruin, M.A., Horst, K., Belkora, J., May, S.G., Frosch, D.L., Blayney, D.W., Luft, H.S., and Das, A.K. Breast cancer treatment across healthcare systems: linking electronic medical records and state registry data to enable outcomes research. Cancer. 2014;120(1):103-11.

Bridewell W, Das AK. Social network analysis of physician interactions: the effect of institutional boundaries on breast cancer care. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2011;2011:152-60.